During the New Moon of July 21 & July 22, twenty-eight folks showed up to eat, drink, talk, and perform unspeakable acts upon watermelons.  Fortunately, the acts were not unprintable.  Two main weapons were employed in the struggle to eliminate watermelons from Lookout Ranch.  The first; The Bow.  A conventional weapon, about 60lb pull, Right-handed.  This was a tough pull for the lefties in particular.  Second, Potato guns.  Nicholas brought the venerable mistmaker, and we brought a new contraption, a breech-loader.  Not as accurate as a poorly shot bow, but a hell of a lot funnier.  Our cannon was not doing very well on Propane, but Terry saved the day with some AquaNet.  Yes, it's powerful.  It had a pretty good recoil, and we actually sent a potato into orbit...or at least that's what we're telling everyone.

Extra-special thanks to Scott, our chef, for preparing roast lamb, roast pork, and the chicken!  (mmmmmm, foooood.)

Scott.jpg (136930 bytes)

(And yes Dalma, Trademark has completely recovered from the whirlwind named Emma.  She's more than welcome next year, the cutest little girl at the ranch!)

Mickie and I had a wonderful time, we are glad everyone showed up!  


Archers take your places!

Aki draws.jpg (171260 bytes)    Amy gives it a shot.jpg (141887 bytes)    Chris aims to please.jpg (125122 bytes)    Dan wings it.jpg (139111 bytes)    Nicholas instructs.jpg (142861 bytes)

Jo lets loose.jpg (180824 bytes)    Jo kills one.jpg (155772 bytes)    Terry issues an order.jpg (161023 bytes)    Peter trys righty.jpg (147051 bytes)    Tom kills one.jpg (274565 bytes)

Random guest photos-

Debbie Terry Tom.jpg (176574 bytes)    Jo and Chris.jpg (182881 bytes)

Finally, while everyone was out and about, having a good time, Peter and Amy were working hard on a project.  So the mystery guest photo:

5fingers.jpg (22479 bytes)    Mickie and I offer congratulations!  Michael's recommendation:  If "it's" a girl, name her Mendocino.  I guess that's better than Lookout.  Or Sheep farm.  Or Ida.  Or you could name her... A.J.!