Local Animals
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Here are some of the animals around, but many we have not photographed:



Reptiles & Amphibians

Insects & Spiders

Black-tailed Jackrabbit

Acorn Woodpecker

American Alligator Lizard

Black Scorpion


Anna's Hummingbird

Blue-Tailed Skink

Black Widow spider

Brown Bat

American Kestrel

California King Snake

California Prionus

Deer Mouse

Brown Creeper

Calif. Red-Sided Garter

California Sister butterfly

Gray Fox

California Quail

Common Garter

California Tortoiseshell

Mountain Lion


Common Toad



Hairy Woodpecker

Gopher Snake

Chalcedon Checkerspot




Eight-spot Skimmer



Pacific Rattle Snake

Hole Spider

Striped Skunk

Marsh Wren

Pacific Tree Frog

Native bees

Whitetail Deer

Mountain Quail

Red Salamander 

Painted Lady butterfly

Wild Pig

Northern Pygmy Owl

Western Fence Lizard

Pine-borer beetle

 Yellow-Cheeked Chipmunk



Sulphur butterfly


Pacific-slope Flycatcher


Tiger Swallowtail butterfly 


Pileated Woodpecker


Timema douglasi


Red-breasted Sapsucker


Yellow Spotted Millipede


Red-tailed Hawk




Rufous Hummingbird




Scrub Jay




Stellar's Jay




Turkey Vulture




Varied Thrush




Western Bluebird




Western Screech-Owl




Western Tanager




Wild Turkey




Wilson's Warbler 




Special Thanks to Dr. Cristina Sandoval, Coal Oil Point Reserve Director, Marine Science Institute University of California, for identifying Timema douglasi:

Timema_small.jpg (121294 bytes)

And some photographs:  (Click on a photo to see a full size image, press your browser's BACK button to return here.  Hold your mouse over a thumbnail and read the name at the bottom of your screen)

Beetle 01.jpg (432190 bytes)   Buck.jpg (101495 bytes)   N Pacific Rattle 02.jpg (56385 bytes)   Iggy in the sun.jpg (323566 bytes)   Scorpion 01.jpg (76599 bytes)

Salamander01.jpg (44981 bytes)   Beetle 02.jpg (66641 bytes)     

   Millipede02.jpg (70923 bytes)      Gopher Snake.jpg (350085 bytes)

Unless otherwise noted, all images in this page are the property of Paul & Mickie Grace. 

Permission for use is granted freely to not-for-profit organizations.  The citation should read: " Paul & Mickie Grace".

Our Unusual Plants

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