Unusual Plants
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These are unusual or rare native plants.

(Click on a photo to see a full size image, press your browser's BACK button to return here.  Hold your mouse over a thumbnail and read the name at the bottom of your screen)

Broomrape.jpg (65471 bytes)   Broomrape_01.jpg (32073 bytes)      Calypso_Orchid_02.jpg (52494 bytes)      Phantom Orchid 07.jpg (38020 bytes)   Phantom Orchid 09.jpg (46113 bytes)   

Pyrola.jpg (26017 bytes)   Trillium 10.jpg (83375 bytes)      Indian Warrior 01.jpg (192789 bytes)   Wintergreen_03.jpg

Farewell_to_Spring.jpg (13214 bytes)   Indian_Pink.jpg (60713 bytes)   Wild Ginger 02.jpg (99658 bytes)   Mystery_Pyrola_06.jpg (33264 bytes)   Sugar Stick June 99.jpg (45503 bytes)   

Can anyone identify the following pyrolas?  If so, please contact: 

Mystery_Pyrola_03.jpg (243588 bytes)   Mystery_Pyrola_01.jpg (221878 bytes)   Mystery_Pyrola_02.jpg (156175 bytes)   Mystery_Pyrola_04.jpg (40968 bytes)

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